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The recipes here are either ones that I’ve changed ingredients to fit what I am able to eat, or dishes that I just made up. When I shop, I prefer buying as much as I can locally. Sometimes, though, local stores just don’t stock things like tigernut flour or water kefir grains. The time it takes to shop for ingredients when you are preparing meals with whole foods can also be an issue. That’s why I’ve created hyperlinks for some of the ingredients and supplies within these recipes. The links will take you to my affiliate page on amazon.com for quick and easy purchase.

You may wonder why some ingredients are hyperlinked while others not. It’s because the product I use (and buy locally) is simply too expensive purchased through amazon.com for me to feel good about suggesting it by including it, here. If you choose to purchase the product listed, I will receive a small remuneration through my account.

Feel free to try any of the recipes, here. I’d appreciate feedback about how you liked the dish on our Cooking For Your Lifestyle Facebook page.

Recipe downloads

For your convenience, each recipe can be downloaded as a Microsoft Word document or as a PDF.

Recipe nameRecipe download
Artichokes (instant pot) w/lemon butter or lemon coconut cream WordPDF
Artichokes with lemon butter or lemon coconut cream WordPDF
Boniato buttons WordPDF
Breakfast chocolate cake WordPDF
Brussel sprout mint sauté WordPDF
Buffalo/bison/beef meatloaf or burgers WordPDF
Cauliflower rice WordPDF
Chicken salad with fig sauce WordPDF
Cloud bread WordPDF
Collarbage rolls WordPDF
Crispy onion wheels WordPDF
Crustless pumpkin pies WordPDF
Delicata pumpkin florets WordPDF
Fauxtatoes WordPDF
German potato (AIP) salad WordPDF
Ginger chicken thighs WordPDF
Irish (White Sweet) Potato Salad WordPDF
Jicama hashbrowns WordPDF
Krispy kale WordPDF
Lemony green beans WordPDF
Pumpkin pie in a mug WordPDF
Red chard sauté WordPDF
Roasted asparagus WordPDF
Roasted parsnips WordPDF
Rosemary chicken thighs WordPDF
Seafood medley WordPDF
Oven-roasted lamb WordPDF
Sweet potato casserole WordPDF
Tafelspitz WordPDF
Tigernut apple crisp WordPDF
Tigernut flour shortbread cookies WordPDF
Tostones WordPDF
Water kefir WordPDF
White sweet potato medallions WordPDF
Zucchini Brownies with Dark Chocolate Chunks WordPDF