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Learn-to-Cook-Party with Friends

Love getting together with friends or family over food but hate to cook or don’t know how? Try new real foods and learn to love the creative side of cooking while having a fun lunch or dinner with friends.

How it works

Invite up to 6 people and decide on the date, time (3-5 hours), place, and menu. I will come to the host(s) home and hold a group cooking lesson/demonstration, according to the meal selected. After everyone shares in the preparation and cooking, the meal will be plated up to enjoy. Depending on what is selected for the session, instruction will also be provided on how to store leftovers to maximize dining pleasure and minimize time spent in the kitchen.

Serving sizes are that which you would expect in a fine dining restaurant.

Before booking, please take a look at the availability calendar to make sure nothing is booked at your desired time.