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Batch Cooking/Freezing & Food Management Practices

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Price $19.00 per person

Location: Online

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What You Will Learn


      • Batch-Cooking: Pork, Purple Sweet Potato, Broccoli Hash
      • Batch-freezing: Onions, Orange Sweet Potatoes, Turkey Sausage (both ground and breakfast patties)
      • Food Management: Discussion of ServSafe guidelines for time-temperature sensitive foods; demonstration of flash freezing and freezer “Food Files”
food demo
food demo

Class Description

Learn to maximize your time and eliminate food waste while making your family happily healthy with delicious real food.

By applying some basic organizational and food management principles you will learn how to:

      1. Use batch freezing to free yourself from kitchen duty and maximize the nutritional value of your food
      2. Determine which foods you can safely buy non-organic on a limited budget
      3. Make your family’s schedule the centerpiece of your meal planning
      4. Choose small appliances that work the hardest for your money and counter space
      5. Easily accommodate family food preferences in the same meal through portion sizing
      6. Think differently about food and its value as your best form of health insurance
      7. Prepare and manage food according to Serve/Safe practices

What To Expect: Great cooking is not really about recipes. It’s about techniques. In this class you’ll work to alongside other students in your own kitchen, led by your very own personal cooking coach, Mary Ann Hastings.

      • Class is one hour
      • Class is limited to 2 students so you have lots of time to get your questions answered
      • You will be in your own kitchen for the class
      • You will receive digital copies of all dishes made in class

Cooking for Your Lifestyle recipes are developed using only ingredients listed only on the autoimmune protocol (AIP). All ingredients used organic and/or locally sourced, unless otherwise stated.

Instructor Information

I’m Mary Ann Hastings, and I am excited to be your instructor for this class. I have been cooking on the autoimmune protocol (AIP) for the past eight years. Although the AIP is effective diet to address autoimmune conditions such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (which started me on this ‘healthy cooking/eating” journey), it can be difficult to implement and stick to. If you don’t know how to cook or you don’t like to cook (or both), it can be even more challenging…But… that’s where I can help you.

I do not pretend to be a nutritionist, dietitian, or any other healthcare professional. It is not my intention for anything that is posted on my website or any other Cooking For Your Lifestyle – published material to be taken as medical advice. Rather, my goal is to teach you how to:

    1. Safely prepare and manage foods according to ServSafe guidelines and procedures.
    2. Implement the diet your doctor or healthcare professional has recommended
    3. Manage your time and relationships to maximize compliance with the AIP and minimize disruption to your life.
    4. Prepare delicious real whole foods that are more delicious than you ever imagined possible.

      You may have noticed that the location for this online class is actually my home and yours. Why? Because that’s where you’ll be cooking all of these delicious new dishes!  As a certified ServSafe Food Protection Manager, I will be teaching you all of the same principles of safe food handling and management as I would if the class were being held in a restaurant or certified kitchen. The difference is the setting- from my kitchen to yours. 

      Cooking for Your Lifestyle recipes are developed using only ingredients listed on the autoimmune protocol (AIP). All ingredients used are organic and/or locally sourced, unless otherwise stated. If you have food restrictions that go beyond what is allowable on the AIP, please mention them when you contact before your class scheduled date.