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“Batch-Cook” Party with Friends

Love eating certain specialty food items but don’t want to be slaving away by yourself in the kitchen to make them? The “Batch-Cook” Party with Friends service may be just what you or someone you know is looking for. Just like the old saying “many hands make light work” goes, if you have friends over to make those tostones or boniato buttons with you, a good time is had while producing some of your own favorite when-other-people-make-foods to dole out to yourself from your refrigerator/freezer at a later time.

How it works

Invite up to 4 people (depending on the kitchen capacity of the host) decide on the date, time (3-5 hours), place, and menu.

I will come to the host(s) home and hold a short class to go over best preparation techniques and storage methods for the food item(s) selected. After the division of labor decision(s), everyone shares in the preparation and/or cooking and storing of item(s). Depending on what is selected for the session, a prepared meal (charged separately) brought in by instructor could also be served.

Before booking, please take a look at the availability calendar to make sure nothing is booked at your desired time.