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Autoimmune Protocol Assessment Tool

“What is there left for me that I CAN eat?”, was my first thought when I saw the results of the food sensitivities test I’d taken. My second was: “How am I going to manage my now-upside-down-eating-world?” I was already sick on a daily basis. Now, I was also overwhelmed. (Maybe you are, too?)

The Autoimmune Protocol Assessment Tool is a “de-overwhelmer”. A tool to use to get clarity about your food choices. Sure, I use the tool when someone has purchased the Healthy Lifestyle Seeker Starter Package. But I’ve also included it here, as a simple free tool to help you make decisions about the food changes that will best suit your lifestyle.

The assessment is provided in three different formats for your convenience. As you go through the list, please check off as many things as apply to you and your family.

CFYL Assessment on Google Forms (recommended)

If you would prefer to download the assessment instead and submit it by email, download it using one of the links below and send it to

Word downloadPDF download