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I don’t just teach cooking on the Autoimmune Protocol.

I show you a method of cooking that will fit your life situation perfectly…

Even if you’re blind.

When this Foodie was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and
looked at the Autoimmune Protocol list of Foods to Avoid, she was devastated.

How was I ever going to live without my husband-the-pastry chef’s french bread or my potatoes fixed in any way, but especially as french fries?

And what about that trifecta-of-delicious-trouble-but-my-favorite sandwich? A tomato and cheese with mayo on whole wheat bread was simply not to be kicked to the curb!

But then a ray of hope…

All of my favorite fruits and vegetables and meats made the cut on the Autoimmune Protocol Foods to Include list.

Yes, there were some foods – like nuts and seeds and eggs – that I would sooooo miss. But I realized that all I really had to do was change the way I cooked the foods that I already loved to get my life back. READ: My health as in not being bed-ridden for two days because I ate a piece of bread.

How is that possible? How could eating differently make me feel better? I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist so I can only tell you what changed my own life.

When I stopped eating the foods I loved that did not love my body back, my belly fat melted away and the brain fog and fatigue became history not worth remembering.


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